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RAVE 2019 – ESMAD finalists exhibition
    Identity and Poster

Identity and poster for the 3rd edition of the ESMAD RAVE Finalists Exhibition. The event took place in Casa da Prelada, Porto, and celebrated the school's educational project in the context of artistic and cultural activities. Simplifying the conceptual task, numbers 1, 2 and 3 were mixed up in new typographic configurations as a way of finding new characters. Decal letters have always been an old addiction and a way to discover new typographic relations. This proposal allowed me to be enthusiastic about the process and discover the word RAVE through the numbers one, two and three. This results in an identity for the third edition of the ESMAD finalists exhibition.

Logo ︎︎︎

Vynil applications and poster ︎︎︎

Exhibition catalogue ︎︎︎

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