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LOYAL – Ecosystem
     Visual identity

Loyal is a consultancy company that aims to be a partner in critical thinking and promoting responsible behaviour across the economic landscape. It operates on a global scale, from offices based in Lisbon and Brussels, and in addition to the name Loyal it incorporates various internal organisations that need to be represented within a common visual ecosystem. The company's name suggests loyalty, partnership and accompaniment. In this diverse and heterogeneous context of activities, we decided to invest in the design of a distinctive and identifiable bespoke typeface, as well as in the development of an element that we hadn't addressed for a long time: a mascot.

Research ︎︎︎
We were also interested in exploring the idea of a brand that could be easily reproduced in light tubes. As a neon in a convenience store, always open and willing to collaborate.

Logo & mascot ︎︎︎

3D animations by long-time friend Luís Félix + the great João Ventura

Lockups ︎︎︎

Bespoke typography ︎︎︎

Companies like flags ︎︎︎
Motion by the great João Ventura

Corporate stuff ︎︎︎

Merch ︎︎︎

The welcome book ︎︎︎

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